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We are Phoenix

Dating back to ancient times the story of a mythical bird called the Phoenix has been one of renewal. The immortal bird would be born again and thus make a fresh start every 500 years. It is from this process of renewal that we draw the inspiration to found Phoenix Insurance. To remain relevant and continually deliver value to our constituents we must keep reinventing ourselves as a business.

Phoenix is designed to be a very different type of independent insurance agency right from the start. We have invested in technology that allows us to comparison shop across the industry’s leading carriers to always deliver the very best coverage at the lowest possible cost. All of our team members are licensed agents, insuring the highest of standards and expertise. Our communications systems are built around your needs and leverage the latest tech; video, text, self-serve portal, we are an agency of the future.

Grace Zheng, MBA

Born and raised in China and a Bellevue resident since 2008, Grace comes to insurance with an MBA from UW and nearly 20 years of experience in global trade. A serial entrepreneur, she founded Phoenix Insurance with a commitment to deliver greater value for consumers by leveraging technology, modern business tools, and an unwavering commitment to integrity. A keen golfer, tennis player and hot yoga practitioner, Grace believes that balance is the key to wellness in life.

Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell was born and raised in Washington State and has been a licensed insurance agent since 2012. She lives in Bellevue with her husband Brandon, daughter Alicia, and their very large Snowshoe cat, Zeus. Melissa enjoys the Insurance industry because there’s always something new to learn and every person presents a new challenge of tailoring specific coverage to their unique needs and budget. In her free time, Melissa enjoys baking, yoga, painting, and listening to all sorts of music; she’s an avid Science Fiction fan and loves to read and write free verse poetry.

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