Leveraging Technology to make Buying Insurance Easy & Informative

Buying insurance can be a daunting task; lots of terminology to learn and countless options to consider. At Phoenix Insurance, our job is to inform our clients, advise on best practices, then work together to match you with the right product. That’s why we’ve built our agency around a technology stack that puts the emphasis on communication.

Choose how you interact with us

For some people, it’s all bout the face time, getting together to discuss options. Needless to say, it’s become a lot more difficult in the age of pandemics, but if you’re more comfortable face to face, we’re prepared. But if you prefer text, email, video call or live-stream, we’ve got you covered too. We can even use fax if you’d like (what’s that?).

Our technologies

Let’s start with video; live, recorded, live-streamed, we have embraced video. We support Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet and our own service that works right in your browser, with no downloads required. Not available for a video call? No problem, we’ll record a policy overview complete with the documents in a PiP view and send you a link. View at your leisure, even on mobile.

Reach out to us via live chat for a quick question or to set an appointment for a longer discussion. Or call us at (425) 800 4298, or text the same number or even send a fax (that fax again!).

An Example of Our Unique Tech Capabilities

Whether you’re in our office, situated at home or half-way around the world, we’ll give you a complete and comprehensive view of our proposals. An interactive flat-panel display allows our agents to bring up your proposed products, options and supporting documentation in moveable “tiles” (remember Quantum of Solace, yeah like that!). A certified agent will walk you through the whole process while you watch, listen and interact from anywhere. Ask questions, take a closer look, it’s just like being here in our office. But better. You can be in your PJs.

As with all of our personal and commercial insurance products, we invite you to call, text or fax our main line (425) 800 4298, click on the “Get a Quote” button or the Live Chat icon in the bottom-left side of our website. We’ll ask a few simple questions and get started on finding the best coverage at the lowest cost to protect what you cherish. Get started now.