Don’t let your business fall victim to Cyberattack. Here’s a quick guide.


By now we’re all growing accustomed to hearing about cyberattacks against some pretty high-profile companies. Attackers breach a company’s network and encrypt all of their data, shut down communications, websites and payment portals, then demand millions in Bitcoin to restore access. Half the time they destroy data, even when the victim has paid millions in ransom.

As a small business it’s easy to dismiss these acts as perils faced only by big companies and government agencies. Naturally they are bigger targets and can net the perpetrators big rewards. But that engenders a false sense of security, because for every big companies there are hundreds of thousands of smaller targets and your business could be one of them.

Imagine if suddenly your email, website, bank accounts, payment processors, even your VOIP telephone system were shut down. If your accounting data was no longer accessible and you couldn’t even open for business. If someone had access to your browser along with all of the stored passwords you use for business and even personal accounts.

In the face of this treat it pays to arm yourself with knowledge. A good place to start is this infographic created by Maryville University’s  Online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program.

Cybersecurity statistics and information on how to prevent cyber attacks

Maryville University