Protecting What You Cherish

Protecting what you cherish. It’s much more than a tagline, it represents the very essence of what we do.

Our founding principles

We founded Phoenix Insurance with one clear goal, to treat every client like family. To look out for their best interests, to advise based on our experience and training, to always be in their corner. Taking the time to listen, to research options, to clearly document our finding and to cooperatively arrive at conclusions. To always be there through good times and challenging times.

The problem with the status quo

We knew that the old-school way of selling insurance just wasn’t for us. In an age where you can buy home and auto insurance online, why would a consumer want to deal with an old-school agency? Sure, we could render more personalized service and more comprehensive insurance coverage than an algorithm, but how? It was clear that we had to make efficiency a cornerstone of we were to sell and service property & casualty insurance.

We built a modern agency

Through extensive research and by learning from several of the insurance industry’s thought leaders we arrived at a plan. Automate the routine and mundane tasks, saving time for more in-depth analysis. It’s how we run this agency now. Leverage the tech for efficient and exhaustive research and proposal generation, then spend more time talking to people.

We look forward to showing you what we mean when we say that we’re here to help protect what you cherish.

As with all of our personal and commercial insurance products, we invite you to call, text or fax our main line (425) 800 4298, click on the “Get a Quote” button or the Live Chat icon in the bottom-left side of our website. We’ll ask a few simple questions and get started on finding the best coverage at the lowest cost to protect what you cherish. Get started now.