Personal Umbrella

Your personal belongings may be at risk to pay for legal fees and decisions you’re held liable for – from car accidents to bodily injury that happens on your property. Litigations are common in today’s civil landscape, potentially costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may even have to pay out-of-pocket when fees exceed your current policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance goes beyond your current homeowners or auto coverage to ensure your assets are not lost to one alleged lawsuit.

Typical Coverage

Personal Umbrella insurance helps cover for fees exceeding the current limit for:

  • Bodily Injury
    If you’re found liable for an injury, you may be liable for medical expenses for the individual’s full recovery.
  • Property Damage
    Cover damage caused by a renter or damage you may accidentally cause to another’s property.
  • Legal Fees
    Legal fees can easily exceed $1 million. Secure your personal assets with personal umbrella to make sure you don’t lose it all at once.

Claim Examples

Umbrella insurance steps in whenever a current auto or home policy limit is exceeded.

  • Car Accident
    Your 16-year-old is found at fault for a car accident. The other driver involved suffers a spinal injury and sues for $1 million dollars in medical bills and legal fees. Your current auto insurance policy’s limit is $200,000, costing you hundreds of thousands out-of-pocket without a personal umbrella policy.
  • Accident on Property
    You’re hosting a small party for your friends. Guests start dancing. An object is accidentally thrown across the room and strikes a guest in the eye. You’re sued for $500,000. Your homeowners policy limit is only $300,000, costing you extra money out-of-pocket without a personal umbrella policy.


  • Current Coverage
  • Members of Your Household
  • Value of Personal Assets

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